timeQplus Biometric Time and Attendance System with Web Option, 125 Employees, Silver/Black



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Ideally suited for small businesses that want to automate their time and attendance process and eliminate buddy punching. Employees clock in/out using fingerprint or PIN number. Holds up to 50,000 transactions with a fingerprint capacity of 1,500 templates. Expandable up to 250 employees with additional terminals (sold separately). Job costing functionality allows employees to punch in/out using work codes for labor tracking. timeQplus? software can generate numerous reports and export directly to popular payroll formats including QuickBooks?. The Web Option feature offers a free trial of enhanced time and labor tracking software for employees from any location/PC connected to the Internet. Time Clock Type: Biometric; Number of Employees: 125; Imprint Style: Automated; Display Type(s): Digital.

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