Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets, 44 oz Canister




Enjoy a healthy, wholesome snack that packs a great, salty-sweet one-two punch. Made in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, the crunchy pretzel shell has the authentic German-American flavor that only handmade, brick oven-baked dough can deliver. Inside, the generous, sweet peanut butter filling mingles in like one half of an ideal, all-things-equal marriage. For the best in taste and nutritional value, choose Anderson, a bakery whose pledge to use only pure, simple ingredients has stood since 1888. Food Type: Pretzels; Flavor: Peanut Butter; Capacity (Weight): 44 oz; Sugar Free: No.

Additional information

Weight 3.12 lbs
Dimensions 10.33 × 5.98 × 6.15 in


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