Pallet Bands, 1″ x 84″, 4060 psi Max Elasticity, Yellow, 12/Pack




Economical and easy to use, pallet bands stabilize and secure palletized items during movement within a facility. Help to secure pallets so that they can be moved quickly and safely from station to station or put in overhead storage racks. They go on in seconds and can be removed just as quickly. Pallet bands allow air to flow freely through the entire pallet allowing coolers, chillers and freezers to quickly and evenly cool pallet loads and, unlike shrink-wrap, they will not trap unwanted moisture. Fits 36″ x 42″ to 36″ x 48″. Approximate Band Count: 12; Band Gauge: 0.08″; Band Width: 1″; Band Length: 84″.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.7 × 8.5 × 3.5 in